About Us 

California Rocks is a professional landscaping company serving Riverside, California and the surrounding areas within a 45-mile radius. With over 25 years of experience, we have a wide range of experience from large acreage properties to small custom projects. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry allow us to customize a sustainable landscape for each of our client’s unique properties. We take pride in the work we provide, so you can have confidence that California Rocks is a licensed, bonded and insured company. If you’re ready to add beauty to your home while increasing the overall value of your home or property, contact California Rocks today for a free landscape design consultation. Our team of skilled professionals will get the job done quickly and efficiently at an affordable price.

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Meet Marshall 

Growing up in beautiful, sunny Southern California with its mountains, beaches and deserts, Marshall was always fascinated with the variety of landscapes it provided.  During his high school years, Marshall learned how to lay brick, block and stone and after graduation began working for a contractor.  After completing his college and graduate studies in the Midwest, Marshall returned to Southern California where with his wife, he raised his three children on over an acre of property and using his artistic abilities created for them a ‘Tom Sawyer’s Island’, Disneyland-like yard which included an Indian village, large ponds and waterfalls, a goldmine and cowboy camp. He began teaching community enrichment classes through Riverside Community College using his yard as the classroom

 Homeowners as well as contractors would come for inspiration and hands-on instruction in the art of artificial rock sculpting and on building ponds and waterfalls.  He developed one of the first DVD’s on ‘The Fundamentals of Artificial Rock Sculpting’ which was requested and purchased worldwide.  At the request of many homeowners and his own desire, Marshall obtained his contractor’s license and began his profession in landscape and design.  Some of his commercial works include the World’s Biggest Dinosaur Cave & Museum (Cabazon, California), Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park (Missouri) and Pala Casino Wine Cave (Temecula, California).  Marshall has worked as a field consultant for these and other various projects throughout the U.S. and specializes in commercial and residential landscapes